4 tips to improve your listening

Got problem with listening to real English? try these tips below

A lot of English learners have trouble understanding what native English speakers say. The main reason is that English in classrooms and textbooks is very different from how people really speak. There are few tips to improve your listening:

Tip 1: Listen to English a lot. What? We all knew that right?

You gotta listen to unscripted English which native speakers use to communicate every day, not on your TV, BBC, CNN news or TEDtalk because the speakers on these channels are supposed to speaker clearly and understandably for the majority. Unless you are new to English, listen to them is useful. Listen to your local radio stations (if you are currently living in English speaking country) or subscribe to podcasts.

Tip 2: Interactive listening. It means you go out and talk with native speakers (any stranger on the bus or on the train). If you talk with your English teacher, ask him for a favour, ” speak to me as you speak to your friends so I can learn”. Listen to them more carefully and you surely improve.

Tip 3: Love sport?s Join a local club and you have chances to interact with heaps of native speakers

Tip 4: If speaking English well is your main concern, hire a tutor and talk one-on-one few times a week or month. This is will cost you but the result is significant. You may try this someday, who know?



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