5 tips to master the Repeat sentences

Tips for Repeat Sentence:

Take initial letter:

During repeat sentence, write down the key words and phrases on an erasable notepad which will be helpful while you answering.

The meaning of the sentence:

Pay your attention and focus on grabbing the meaning of the sentence. If you understand the meaning, you can produce better and appropriate.

Start speaking after status changes to recording:

When the status changes to recording, start speaking as soon as possible and there will be no beep sound to indicate or alert you for recording. If the student does not speak for more than three seconds, the status will change automatically to completed.

Natural Tone:

During recording, speak in the natural tone and normal speed. Do not copy the speaker’s tone or accent, it can be different from your accent.

Do not go back:

If you forgot something or made a mistake, do not go back or stop to correct your mistake & keep continue speaking. The microphone will close automatically after three seconds.

Now, you can put these tips into practice.

Practice repeat sentence here:


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