Complete guide to PTE Speaking task

Pearson Test of English, aka PTE Academic is a popular and most preferred English Competency test. PTE has evolved as a giant and taken a leap in the world of language proficiency test. Cracking PTE speaking test is not a big deal as long as you have a good practice and solid preparation.

Preparation is the key to getting good grades in the PTE speaking & academic exam. Needless to say, ‘Practice makes a man perfect!’

Practice Exams, more practice for PTE Speaking

The test analyses your skills in four sections, reading, writing, speaking and listening.  Test preparation forms the important part of PTE exam. You have to start from the basics.

There are two important aspects to preparation.

  1. Getting familiar with the format
  2. Practice to maintain the time limit

Practice the PTE academic practice test to analyze how accustomed you are with the test format. It also helps you identify the sections you lag behind, categories that consumes more time etc. Getting accustomed to the pattern of the test always comes with an added advantage.

Apparently, working on sample questions help you perform well in the PTE speaking test. They are available on our website for free.

Speak Clearly

Speaking is a major arena that needs a lot of proficiency to crack this very demanding English competency test. In addition to improving your accent, concentrate on how to speak in an even phase. Neither rush nor make it slow, both can affect your scores. Do not bother to correct the mistake. It happens and just moves on.

Be wary about Retell lecture and Repeat Sentence

Most candidates perform poor on the listening test.  It is the trap that many fails to listen with utmost concentration, where listening skills are evaluated. Listening tests are taken for granted. Listening score can turn the table upside or otherwise. Do not close your eyes when you are listening to the audios of these sections because you are likely to miss the next task.

Remember, predictions won’t be helpful in many instances Concentrate to the audio and gain a clear understanding of what is said.


Remember during the test, microphones turn off automatically if you pause for more than three seconds. So, try to use any random word like ‘umm’ or ‘ss’ or any connectivity word while you think for an answer. At the same time, pausing for a long time for short questions can affect your scores.

Practice yourself well to answer the questions quickly and clearly.

Look for the suggested books

Pearson, the London based company organizes PTE tests. The company prescribes a set of books related to the exam to gain in-depth knowledge and proficiency. Buy those books and make you acquainted. It will play a great role in boosting your knowledge, proficiency as well your confidence.

Get help

Talk to the students who already appeared for the test or who cleared the test. Getting help from those who got hands on experience on the test can give you a clear perspective. You can talk to them on various Facebook groups or PTELab page


These are a few tips that can help you manage your PTE test preparation effectively. Remember to stay calm and composed state of mind and do not rush up for things.