How to improve you Speaking score in shortest time?


Have you ever in the situation that having 8.0 in IELTS Speaking but cannot get even above 60 in PTE Academic? If not, good on you because many students are struggling with Speaking section in the PTE test.

As you know, PTE Academic is a computer-based test , it means in the Speaking section, you need to speak to the computer through the microphone. Your sounds will be converted and compared with the references stored in the database to give you a score. Hence, you cannot use facial expressions or body language to help you transfer information as in IELTS, in PTE, your voice is the only weapon that you have in order to fight.

Despite this, the advantage for PTE test takers is avoiding the “bias” of IELTS examiners (I believe from writing too). All we have to do is to provide the correct inputs to the computer to score. We all know that Oral Fluency is the most important factor in Speaking but don’t forget Pronunciation is also vital in order to get a good score in Speaking.

These following exercises, about 30 minutes in total, can make you speak clearer and this can increase the chance that the computer picks up your voice.As the result, you must score higher in the next test. Remember, after practicing these exercises, using Google Translate to check how much can it recognise your voice.


Clear pronunciation part 1 (11:23 minutes)


Clear pronunciation part 2 (8:11 minutes)


Clear pronunciation part 3 (11:32 minutes)

Not sure how to improve your Oral Fluency? Check out this model answer on Speak Aloud, you should speak at that pace without any hesitation and a false start.

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