Listening FIB 9

When the drugged seal starts ____again, the researches go right to work. In less than an hour, they’ve weighed it, tested its blood, measured its body fat, checked it for injuries and glued a ____orange tracking device that looks for all the world like a party hat to the top of its head. This seal is now part of an early warning system used to measure changes linked to global warming. Costa says he hopes it works.

I’m not going to ___that by studying elephant seals, I’m going to come up with the solutions of global climate change. But I can, at least, ___that what animals are likely to be more sensitive to environmental change, and here’s the species that we need to be more concerned about.

The elephant seal with the orange party hat glued to the top of its head ___out to sea a few days later, diving repeatedly and swimming north and east. As of Friday, it was more than 900 miles from the beach at Ano Nuevo.

(Soundbite of elephant seal belching)



breathing – bright – pretend – identify- swam