Listening Fill in the blank practice

Listening fill in the blank

1. With the advent of spring, Alaska’s winter-frozen ____ are breaking up. After nearly six months of ____ ice, water is starting to flow again. One river, though, that’s still ____ is an hour south of Fairbanks. As Dan Bross of member station KUAC ____, it’s the site of a contest that provides a unique record of ____ change.



2. Florida is ____ to one of North America’s most biologically ____ estuaries, the Indian River Lagoon, and it’s not doing well. It’s ____ with decomposing lawn clippings, leaves, sediment, ____ everything that has ever flowed there. Now there’s an effort underway to rid the ___ of the muck.















  1. rivers – solid – frozen – reports – climate
  2. home – diverse – choked – basically – lagoon