Listening: Selecting Missing Word

Listen and select the missing word (transcript below)

What did the team discover about the clusters’ abilities?

  1. fly
  2. walk
  3. jump
  4. crawl
  5. slither












One key process involves neurons generated deep in the brain. The cells slowly migrate to areas near the surface, where they form networks that allow us to do things like planning and problem solving. Pasca led a team that set out to replicate some of this process in a petri dish. The team grew two types of clusters, representing both deep and surface areas of the forebrain. Then they put a deep cluster next to a surface cluster to see whether cells would start moving. Pasca says they did, in a surprising way.

They don’t just simply crawl, but they actually jump. So they – you know, they look for a few hours in the direction in which they want to move. They sort of decide on what they want to do, and then suddenly, they make a jump.