Reading section is about 32 to 41 minutes including 5 items below

  1. Multiple-choice, choose single answer
  2. Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
  3. Re-order paragraphs
  4. Reading: Fill in the blanks
  5. Reading & Writing: Fill in the blanks


Tips for Multiple-choice, single and multiple answers:

  • Focus on keywords in question and search in the text and then look in options.
  • Pay close attention to the frequency words (always, often, sometimes, never many, all, never, only.. etc.) eliminate those options and find the correct answer.

For example:

According to the text, which of the following are true of English attitudes towards intellectuals?

1 They never join forces with those in authority.

Most people would not be able to name an intellectual.

3 In general, the English do not admire respect intellectuals.

4 Even some English intellectuals do not like to be called intellectuals.

5 They are not clear about what an intellectual is or does.

Answer: 3, 4

Note: It is not applicable always, Use this trick only when the time is not sufficient to answer.

  • Look for main reason/text and concentrate on repeated words to find the correct answer.
  • Negative marking is applicable for multiple answers.
  • Time manage: max 90 sec each question in single answer type and max 2 min for each question in multiple answers.

Tips for Re-order Paragraphs:

  • Look at Proper Nouns-Common nouns-Pronoun-Articles Usage-Time Phrases order to form the sentences.
  • Consider the clue words
  • Other tips here 

Example 1: click here 

Example 2:

a) The king…….

b) ……….. King Rama………

The order here it comes is, b-a. Because in the sentence ‘a’ it says kings follows…. but in sentence ‘b’ it introduces about the king name.

  • Frame the order of sentences using the Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Repeated words, Time phrases, etc…
  • Concentrate on pronouns he, she, him, her, they, them, these, those, etc… These sentences will never come in first.
  • Repeated words – the hint here is, most of the time word one sentences if the same word in other sentences come in an order.
  • Adjectives – the hint here is, ex: better comes after good. Therefore the sequence is GOOD -> BETTER
  • Time manage – try to answer the question within 4 min.

Tips for Fill in the Blanks:

  • Concentrate on parts of speech before and after the blank, it helps in finding the missing word.
  • Select the word, which is mostly collocated with words beside it. (Check here to learn about Collocation
  • Skim for the main idea of the text.
  • Most of the time, missing word “synonym” will be in the text, it helps in finding an answer.
  • Time manage – 2 min for each question approx.

Note:  The item types may not be in this order in the real examination.