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Summarize Written Text (10 minutes)


  • Strictly only 1 full stop at the end of the sentence or you will lose marks.
  • Capitalise the first word of the sentence.
  • The best answer is usually around 30 words. ( Min 5 words, Max 70 words)
  • Be mindful of Spellings, Plurals, and Pronunciations.
  • Concentrate on Topic Sentences, Repeated words.
  • No examples, Reasons and Illustrations needed.
  • Pay attention on the last paragraph
  • Time manage – 3min planning, 5min writing, 2min checking for mistakes (spelling, grammar).

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Write an Essay (20 minutes)


  • Plan your essay in an order by checking it whether it is an Opinion essay, advantages & disadvantages, or Problem & Solution.
  • Be aware of Spellings, Grammar, and Plurals.
  • Use a wide range of vocabularies for a higher score. Otherwise, several topic-related words are sufficient to score a good mark.
  • Try to write at least 3-5 paragraphs.
    • 1x Introduction
    • x2 or x3 Body paragraphs
    • 1xConclusion
  • No bullet point.
  • Include specific example to support your ideas.
  • Time Manage – 3 min Plan, 14 min writing, 3 min checking (spellings, grammar).