From the real test – Write from dictation (text)

1. There was no correlation between drug use and cure rates.

2. Your assignment should be submitted before the deadline.

3. An interim grade will be posted on the board outside the student lounge.

4. The concepts in this thesis were not new.

5. All writers, consciously or unconsciously, represent their own culture.

6. Today’s lecture material will be included in the next (day’s) assessment.

7. The curriculum is described in the course syllabus.

8. Please remember to bring a highlighter to class next Wednesday.

9. Students have the option to live in campus residences or apartments.

10. Try to (Please) work with each other to build monolithic status.

11. You are required to complete the research paper by next Monday.

12. Leading companies have changed their policies after reports were released.

13. This schedule allows a plenty of time for independent study.

14. The coffee house has (a) special student discount throughout the week.

15. The main concepts in this thesis were not new.

16. Review all (resources) materials before drawing your conclusion.

17. Avoid confusing causes of these changes.

18. Despite protest, chemistry department was still closed down.

19. There is/was not enough evidence to support this/these recommendation(s).

20. The slides show that there is a minimum growth.

21. This schedule allows a plenty of time for independent study.

22. We support the research on problems of tropical dynamics/diagnose and forecasting.

23. Some of the features are part of the previous system.

24. The university library has most of the necessary books.

25. Your thesis should have fairly limited/ large scope.

26. Student’s identification card will be issued by today or tomorrow.

27. The qualification will be assessed with the criterion to approach.

28. It is important to allocate your time wisely when revising.

29. Competition for the places in course is fierce

30. University department should carefully monitor articles and publication by faculty.

31. The part for the postgraduate student is funding.

32. Relevant resources are reserved in the library.

33. Conferences are ought to be scheduled two weeks in advance.

34. Reference of material is held in the hall of library reference desk.

35. Career opportunities in this field are (quite) limited.

36. The main concepts of these events were not yet fully understood.

37. Most theories were similar but a few…disagree

38. The solar energy department is highly regarded world-wide.

39. Teaching assistants will receive monthly fees for housing.

40. The most important process of farming is weeding.

41. (Free) The campus tour runs daily during summer for perspective students.

42. Our group is going to meet tomorrow in the library conference room.

43. Final year students have to write a five-thousand-word essay on market research.

44. The time of the math lecture has been changed to ten thirty.

45. You must submit your assignment by next Friday at the lasted.

46. Assignments should be submitted to the department before the deadline, interim grades will be posted outside the student lounge.

47. The same reached the same explanation of the problem.

48. You come with me, the others stay here.

49. All staff must leave from fire hydrant exit.

50. We support to do research in the field of archaeology, such as forecasting and estimation.

51. The dining hall will be under renovation during the fall break.

52. The history of the movement is recorded by several writers.

53. Your task is to create the demand for the product.

54. Your paper challenged the previously accepted theories.

55. Student concession cards need to be obtained by completing an application form.

56. You can contact your tutor by email.

57. The first essay is due on 14th of the September.

58. We support research on the problems of cyclone tropical dynamics and forecasting.

59. Reference materials are on hold at the library reference desk.

60. Elections of president take place once every four years.
61. Heavy rain will fall through the country next week.