Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips For PTE Academic Reading Section

PTE Reading Section tenses many. Those who don’t have regular reading habits, struggle with this part at most, in managing reading time.
If you are among them, understand – It is all about your reading skills, along with comprehending the meaning in a given time.You have 32 to 42 minutes to complete the PTE Academic reading section. You will get passages, with numbers of questions to answer. The time given will be according to the number of questions asked. First, check how much time you have, for each question and manage them accordingly. Keep an eye on the timer.

Candidates often stuck with difficult questions and due to overthinking end up losing marks. So, by the time you came know it, that you have spent enough time on this question leave it and move on to the next one. As you have limited time, you can’t spend more than 5 minutes on any question.

Check, which question is consuming your time.

You may get lengthy passage which will definitely take more than usual time. There may be one or two such questions in these passages, which you need to manage carefully. Track the time you took to solve each question. If you are taking a practice session then also you will get a timer, which you can use to learn time management, with this you can know how much time did you spend on MCQ’s, reordering and fill in the blanks, etc.

It will let you know where the area is consuming your time so that you can take the corrective measures to reduce errors.

Where do candidates struggle with time?

Evidently, single answer and multiple choice answers section utilize maximum time. So it would be advisable, to read these questions only once and not to waste enough time on them. Be regular; don’t switch between the questions as it may divert your mind from question to question leading to wrong answers.  Read one by one as questions, are mostly, arranged in the same format only.

Read and comprehend the paragraph in one go. Take a look at questions and their keywords first, and find the respective answers accordingly. This will save your time and improve the chances of getting the right answers.

How to divide time in reading section?

As it varies according to the length and complexity of the question, so you have to track it on your own while answering questions, but we can give you a rough estimate that would help you in time management. Look at the table carefully.

The pattern could change, so be flexible while answering. Although these guidelines would be enough, in general term, it can change as per the paper design. Assure that you have completed the reading section in given time and answered maximum questions correctly.

The Section that requires less time

Usually, fill in the blanks are straightforward and probably one or two line sentences, so they take less time. They can be complex or easy or mix, so do what you think you know, to save your time and leave the rest.

With these questions, you don’t need to analyze things as there are only two possibilities, either you know the answer, or you don’t. So, analyzing these questions won’t yield a better result. Here, you need to go with your instinct and make a selection in a fragment of seconds.

Some Essential Tips

Your speed to read and comprehend the given matter is the key function of your time management skills. Especially in multiple choice and reorder type questions, you need to focus more.

Comprehension speed is the time, you need to read and understand given paragraph. So by reading articles, newspaper and good quality books, you can improve your comprehension speed. This will update your general knowledge and develop your comprehending skills. The more you indulge in the good quality book, the more it will help you during exam time, to complete the given text in given time.


Well, we have shown you the way. Now you have to walk by yourself, go ahead, form strategies, implement then during the exam.